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Wedding Tips and Ideas


Some Basics

Just as many people come up with unique ways to pop the question, in today’s world a wedding or civil ceremony can encompass just about anything and is limited only by a lack of imagination – and funds! 


There are no longer any set rules and couples often come up with their own special ways of tying the knot. Those might encompass a shared passion for a sport, a love of mountains, the sea, lakes, etc.  However, the traditional white wedding in a church is still hugely popular and the dream of many young women.


Health and Beauty

You’ll want to look your best for the big day so ensure that you get regular exercise and plenty of fresh air.  Eat a healthy, balanced diet to boost the immune system and ward off colds and other annoying ailments. Drink lots of water to keep hair, skin and nails hydrated.  You want to be glowing with health, as well as happiness.  

Schedule beauty treatments a few days in advance of the big day, such as manicure, pedicure, tanning, waxing, etc.  If you are not accustomed to facial treatments, schedule them a week or two in advance in case they produce red blotchy skin for a few days. 


Shoe Comfort

Men don’t have to worry about this, but women do!  Although high heels add height and feel glamorous they could ruin the day if they pinch or produce aching feet. It’s a good idea to wear wedding shoes at home to break them in and discover any potential problems. Have a few spare pairs on hand at the reception in case they become uncomfortable - as feet inevitably swell after a few glasses of bubbly and some dancing. 


The Wedding Emergency Kit

Brides should have a bag handy with items such as make-up for touch-ups (especially if there are tears), safety pins, tissues, pain killers, antacids, hair brush, hair pins, first aid kit, scissors and small sewing kit. 


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed,
Something Blue

Those brides who prefer the traditional wedding route, might also like to follow a tradition that dates back centuries.  Wearing the symbolic items is believed to bring good luck:

  • Something Old - might be a piece of jewellery handed down through the family and is worn as a sign of respect and to confirm that your family will always be a part of your new family. 
  • Something New – wearing something new is a way to symbolically celebrate the new union, often an item of jewellery given to the bride by her fiancée
  • Something Borrowed – the borrowed item is a very special way to show affection and respect for the person who owns the item – a popular choice is a wedding ring belonging to a relative, or an item owned by a friend or significant person
  • Something Blue - signifies the couple’s commitment to each other.  Most often jewellery with a blue stone, a blue flower on lingerie, or a blue garter.


A wedding is a time when brides have a chance to showcase their creativity, so any added personal touches, perhaps regarding gifts for the wedding attendants, can only add extra icing on the cake!











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