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Wedding Transport

You will want to arrive at your wedding safely, in style, and on time.  The choice of transportation is down to individual taste, whether it is a horse drawn carriage, stretch limousine, open-top Rolls Royce or other type of vehicle. 


However, there's a chance you could be left out of pocket if your private car hire firm can't deliver the vehicle they promised or, even worse, if they don't have access to a suitable alternative vehicle if needed.


Wedding Car Insurance is included in our Wedding Insurance policy


Traditionally, wedding cars are large, luxurious limousines but a vintage vehicle or anything stylish or unusual is a good choice.  An older vehicle may not be as reliable, however, so this must be taken into consideration.


If you plan to use a friend's vehicle it is important to have a back-up plan and use of an alternate vehicle, just in case.  If you are using a car hire firm, ask about their contingency plans if a vehicle breaks down.


Don't Forget to Check


Vehicle Decorations 

Ascertain whether you or the wedding car hire firm will take responsibility for decorating the car with ribbons and flowers. If this is left to the car hire firm make sure they are aware of your planned colour scheme.  If you do this yourself, ensure that the flowers are secure and will not cause safety or visibility problems to the driver or other road users.


Wedding Car Driver

Decide on a uniform or outfit for the driver. 


Wet Weather

Our climate is notoriously unpredictable and this could be an issue if using an open-top car or carriage.  You may wish to arrange to have colour-coordinated umbrellas available in the wedding car.


Vehicle Size

Check to make sure that the interior of the vehicle is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate you and your wedding dress, as well as the person giving you away.


Getting to your Wedding


The Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will be the first to leave for the ceremony and, whilst you may not have any special vehicle laid on for them, it is worth making sure that they have reliable transportation and that the person driving them knows where to go!


The Bride

The bride will normally only need to arrive at the church or venue a few minutes before the ceremony is due to start. The wedding car driver should have checked out the route well before the event, and again on the day, to avoid any delays due to road works or road closures.


The Groom and Best Man

It is the job of the Best Man to get the Groom to the wedding venue on time - which is usually at least half an hour before the ceremony.  A special car is not normally required and the journey is sometimes made by taxi or in the Best Man's own vehicle.


* Image courtesy of Tom Clare


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