Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance Questions and Answers


We’re sure it is a question on many couples’ minds; what is wedding insurance and how does it work?


If you are looking for further information on the cover that protects your special day, then have a look at our wedding insurance FAQ below, for details on cover options, insurers and who is covered:



  • What does wedding insurance cover us for?
    TIA Wedding Insurance insures for traditional services associated with celebrating your wedding. It includes the wedding and reception venues, professional photography or video services, floral arrangements, hired cars or other transport, wedding accommodation, wedding gifts, wedding rings, wedding cake and catering, and the wedding dress and other ceremonial attire. It also covers you for your honeymoon whether it be in the Republic of Ireland or overseas.

Who is the Insurance Company?
Your wedding insurance policy is with Ageas Insurance Limited, underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited.


  • Why is your Wedding Insurance so cheap?
    We are specialists in providing low cost insurance and have been able to negotiate with the underwriters a special rate for when you buy wedding insurance too. Our policies are purchased on-line but, our UK based customer service team are available to take your calls if you are unsure of anything.


  • What happens if we have to postpone our wedding?
    If you are unlucky and have to cancel your wedding because of illness to either of the wedding partners, or a close member of the family, you will be insured for costs and rearrangement. You will also be insured if the wedding or reception venue is closed by local authorities, or for the loss or destruction of wedding attire, etc..
  • Do you insure same sex couples?
  • Does the reception need to be on the same day as the wedding?
    No, but it would need to be within 21 days.
  • One of us is in the armed forces, will we still be insured?

This policy will cover you if you have to cancel the wedding because of the unforeseen posting overseas as a member of the Irish armed forces.


If you are still wondering about wedding insurance and how it works, then why not contact Wedding Cover Ireland with any outstanding queries?




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